VFFS Packing Machine With Multiheads Weigher System

Main features of bagger :
  1. Three-servo control system with smooth and stable performance, accurate filling and efficient capacity;
  2. Machine frame: 3mm & 5mm thickness stainless steel frame, special mechanical design to make it run faster and collaborate better;
  3. Servo driven film-pulling and film-loading to make the film position more accurate and finished bags more beautifuland neater;
  4. Domestic and overseas famous brand components, and with years of market practice, ensure machine performance more stable and durable
  5. 5. Machine design conforms to GMP standard, with CE certification.
Main features of weigher :
  1. Expert brand manufacturer, with stable performance and efficient capacity;
  2. Intelligent operation and control system, simple and easy operation;
  3. World brand electric components and Load cell, accurate weighing with long service life.
Application :

Suitable for the packaging of granular, stick shape products.


Technical Spesifications
Model MSP-V180 MSP-MH10L 0.5 / MH10L 1.6 MSP-MH14L 0.5 / MH14L 1.6
Capacity Depends on fillervolume 20-70 bag/min. 20-100 bag/min.
Bag size 5-500g (depends on products features 3-100g/5-500g 3-100g/5-500g
Film width Depends on filler volume ±0.2-1g/±0.3-2g ±0.2-1g/±0.3-2g
Film thickness Servo Controller + touch screen MCU+ Touch screen MCU+ Touch screen
Film material 110mm-320mm
Control system L:50-190mm, W:50-150mm
Power supply 0.06-0.12mm
Option devices for bagger PP, PE, PVC, PS, EVA, PET, PVDC + PVC, OPP+laminated CPP etc
Machine frame Stainlees steel #304 (Bagger & Weigher)
Option devices for bagger Gas flush device Gas deflating device Safety door swicth Anti-clap and
reject device
Hang-hole punch device Encoder device
Option devices for weigher Timing hopper Dimple surface Rotary dispenser device Wash down electric control box Multi-operation language Teflon coated treatment


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