Encrusting & Co-Extruding Machine (4 Noozle) Tray Based Capacity 1200-1700 Pcs/h

Model: MSPR4N-C
Output 12000-17000 pcs/h
Machine Weight 1250 Kg
Control System P.L.C &Touch Screen
Product Weight Range 8 gr (min) – 55 gr (max)
Dimensions 4500mmx1400mmx2250mm
Power Consumption 10 Kw – 380v – 3 phase


Machinery Nozzles Model: MSPR4N-C

● Capability of producing various types of (encrusted) center filled cookies, biscuits and confectionery products.

● The products are directly dropped on to the trays.

● Equipped with P.L.C and Touch Screen control system.


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