Counting Feeder

Standard Functions

● Suitable for loading of biscuits, sandwiching biscuits, toasted and other products; it can load round and rectangular shapes, etc.

● As needed, it can connect to any X-fold packaging machine or on-edge packaging machine, feeding onto the tray is also availabe.

● As needed, counting loader system can prosess 4-6-8-10 rows at a time, the feeding end can be directly connectedd to row multiplier or biscuit sandwiching machine.

● Adopt the efficient servo control system, can achieve maximum 25 times/minute output according to the different features of products.

● The packaging length can be from 70mm to 280mm. The quantity of biscuits can be easily adjusted through HMI.

● For the products with inconsistent thicknesses, such as sandwich biscuits, counting loader can accurately control the product quantity; when required quantity is achieved, the biscuits will be accurately transferred to the packaging machine’s conveyor chain.



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