Complete Full Automatic Line for Producing Sponge Cake and Roll Cake

1. Premixer
2. Turbo Mixer (Homogenizer)
3. Cake Depositor
4. Decorating Machine with Tank
5. Tunnel Oven
6. Transferring Conveyor Between Oven & Cooling Conveyor
7. Cooling Conveyor with Working
8. Longitudinal Cutter
9. Cream or jam Depositor with Preserving Tank
10. Chocolate Depositor with Preserving Tank
11. Overlapping System
12. Coupled Cake Adjustmen System
13. Press Roller
14. Roller System used for Roll Cake
15. Special Guides t Direct Roll
16. Guillotine Cutter
17. 90 or 180 Degree Shape Conveyor
18. Enrober Machine
19. Chocolate Preserving Tank
20. Integrated Tapping Devices for Coconut, Granola, Powder…
21. Cooling Tunnel
22. Transferring Conveyor for Finished Products
23. Flow Pack Machine


A fully automatic line designed to produce layer cake in desired size and up to 3 layers. Adding devices enables the line to produce roll cake which is producible in 2 types: Mini Rolls and Swiss Rolls. Additional option for the line includes chocolate enrober for producing chocolate coated layer or roll cakes.
Production Capacity Product Weight Required Space Power Consumption Gas Consumption
400-700 kg/h 15-300 gr 50×10 m2 80 Kw 30-40 m3
700-1000 kg/h 15-300 gr 15×63 m2 90 Kw 40-60 m3
1000-1600 kg/h 15-300 gr 15×80 m2 100 Kw 60-80 m3


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