Fully-Automatic Baked Potato Chips Production Line

Baked potato chips production line is our company latest developed non-fried equipment based on the technology of the compound potato chips production line. The equipment can produce healthy and non-fried new type potato chips by the process of sheeting, baking, flavoring. This equipment have the characteristics of high-automation, easy operation, stable running etc, and is popular with the food factor at home and abroad.



Main equipment is: V type mixer, extruder, 3 sheeting machine, grain pressing machine, forming machine, waste-recycling machine, baking oven, oil-sprayer, flavoring machine, stacking and cooling conveyor.

Production Capacity 250 Kg/h 500 Kg/h
Installed Power 130 Kw 140 Kw
Gas Consumption 25 Kg/h 45-50 Kg/h (LPG)
Compressed Air Pressure 25-30 m3/h 5-7 Kg
Equipment Length 30 m 40 m


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