Fully-Automatic Custard/Cup Cake Production Line

Production Capacity 10-20 tons/day 6-7 tons/day
Total Installed Power 46 Kw 46 Kw
Gas Concumption 20-35 Kg/h 20-30 Kg/h
Length 86 m 83 m


The fully-automatic Custard/Cup Cake Production Line is a multi-purpose fully-automatic core-filling custard pie production line which is developed based on the original equipment in order to meet various demands of different food products factories. It can produce core-filling custard pies as well as cup cakes, and can also produce cakes of various shapes by using different molds.

Hot-air circulation tunnel oven
As novel baking furnace developed by our factory based on the imported equipment, it adopts the most advanced gas combustion and hot-air circulation heating mode, and has six temperature zones; aher the temperature is set, the control motor is used for automatic control by a disc valve, the heat is transferred to the furnance up and down by the air duct to bake foods; the furnance has the advantages of quick heating, stable temperature, little change, automatic control of temperature, etc, therefore, the produced cakes have the advantages of good taste, sohness, more uniform surface color and luster, freshness, tenderness, etc.

Add to paper cup supply machine you can make cup cake
Add to slicing machine and Multi-layers hot air baking you can make slice cake
Change baking tray you can make different shapes of the cake


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