The Complate Line Of Layer Cake & Roll Cake Machinery

Complete Line of Layer Cake Machinery is Consisted of 5 Segments:

1. Primary materials and dough depositing sections.
2. Baking Section.
3. Cooling section and working table.
4. Chocolate enrobing section.
5. Packing section.


Primary Materials and Dough Depositors:

● The premixer is used to mix basic dough ingredients which is transfered by pump through pipe to preserving tank of turbo mixer machine.
● The preserving tank is double jacket with cold water circulating which helps as stable dough temperature.
● The dough is transfered then from turbo mixer by pump and connecting pipes from the filtering unit and is Homogenized & aerated by the Homogenizing units head and finally transfered to the Depositor.
● The depositor machine transfers the dough sheet with desired length to the tunnel oven beltooling the cake, it is directed to the working table firtstly, it is transferred to a longitudinal cutting system.
● The Decorating system by its adjustable zig zag movement decorates the dough on top of the product.

 Baking Section:

● The baking section has tunnel oven with required length and width in order to produce different production capacities carbon steel belt can be installed on it. Tunnel oven system is designed in a way to circulate hot air indirectly and the process with having various zones can adjust the desired temperature for the product.
● The cooling section, Working table and rollet.
● This section consists of diagonal 22 meter conveyer with the width of 100cm, with a circular plastic part at the end of the conveyer belt.
● After cooling the cake, it is directed to the working table firtstly, it is transferred to a longitudinal cutting system.
● In the next stage the process is continued to chocolate, marmalade and cream depositing system.
● Subsequently, a layer cake overlapping is made with the help of pneumatic cutting system in desired length.
● On the working table we have three press rollers which are installed to produce Swiss roll product.

● This machine is applied to the production of different cakes, such as cupcake, custard cake and double color bear cake.
● Choose either oil sprayer or dispenser first, loading trays on the conveyor, they will automatically step-walks forward for oil spraying or paper cup loading, and then dough depositing.
● Then workers take the trays into rotary oven for baking.
● After baking, the workers load the trays with baked cakes on the machine for cream injection and depanning.
● After depanning the empty trays move to oil sprayer for another curcular production.


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