MSPR Servo Driven Toy Lollipop Depositing Line

Production (Kg) 120-600(As 10 Kg candy)
Weight of Candy (g/grain) 5-40
Candy Shape According customers require
Power Consumption (Kw) 12
Air Consumption (m3/min) 120
Water Consumption (L/h) <2200
Steam Consumption (Kg/h) 450
Pressure of Steam (Mpa) P<0.7
Dimension (mm) 21000 x 900 x 2600
Weight of Machine (Kg) 6000


Purpose and Characteristic

MSPR depositing line is one kind of art candy production equipment which suits for the big weight of candy shape. This machine not only producing semi-solid and full solid lollipop but also produce normal lollipop. Such as single color, double flavour lollipop, striped lollipop. This machine construction tightly, designing reasonable. With high automation, it is a perfect lollipop production equipment.


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