Series Of Dryer

Production Line Introduction

● Dryer is compact, has small dry area and a large superficial area. It features small scale of heat elimination & high thermal efficiency.

● Mesh belt conveyors and thermal insulation boards all use stain-less steel material, making the equipment clean and sanitary.

● The speed of mesh belt conveyor is adjustable. The drying period for food in the oven can be adjusted.

● The automatic temperature control system makes it possible to set the temperature according to your needs.

● These series of roasting oven are widely used, it is used for drying all kinds of stick, piece, grain etc. shape inflating snack food, the user can choose different types of dryer according to layer, length or energy.


Technical Parameter
Electrical Consumption (gas) 28 kw 42 kw 5-10kg/h (gas) 15-20kg/h (gas) 900 kw
Heating Temperature ~200°C ~200°C ~200°C ~200°C ~200°C
Production Capacity 120-180 kg/h 150-200 kg/h 150-250 kg/h 200-250 kg/h 300-500 kg/h
Outside Dimension 5200x1250x1800mm 5500x1250x2200mm 5800x1500x2500mm 5800x1500x2500mm 8800x2000x2500mm

*Design and specifications may change without notice.


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