Crispy Chips or Sala or Bugles Production Line

Technical Parameters
Input Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Installed Power 82 kw 105 kw
Power Consumption 58 kw 78 kw
Production Capacity 120-150 kg/h 180-250 kg/h
Length 15000mm 16000mm


Production Line Introduction

This process line uses double screw extruding technique to replace the traditional steam boiling process. It includes mixing, extruding, shaping, frying and flavoring process, no needing boiler, with simple process, high efficiency and little pollution. The raw materials can be rice powder, corn powder, wheat flour individually or their mixture. Only by changing the moulds, shaping or cutting machine, the shapes can be various, like sticks, square sheet rib chips, diamond chips, wavy chips, pillow shapes and bugles etc. The taste is savory and not greasy.


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