Doritos or Tortilla Chips Production Line

Technical Parameter
Input Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Installed Power 55 kw 78 kw 125 kw
Power Consumption 42 kw 58 kw 90 kw
Production Capacity 100-150 kg/h 200-250 kg/h 300-400 kg/h
Length 24000mm 26000mm 28000mm


Production Line Introduction

The device to the flour as the main raw material, the use of screw extrusion molding technology combined with the shapes of the extrusion die extrusion, and then fried, flavored salad , banana chips, pizza volume realistic shell cakes, cat ears crisp, ”snail” a variety of shapes and flavors of fried pasta food, product modeling, the organization is delicate, crisp taste. 3xtrusion products can be fried, without drying, the production process is simple, small investment in equipment is the ideal choice for small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ).


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