Japanese Fresh Breader

Technical parameter
Model MSPR400-VI MSPR600-VI
Speed of the belt 3-15m/min adjustable
Input height 1000mm
Output height 1050±50mm
Power 3.35kW
Width of the belt 400mm 600mm
Overall dimension 4342x1474x1940mm 4342x1674x1940mm


New Automatic Japanese Fresh Breadcrumb Coating Processing Line

New automatic Japanese fresh breadcrumb coating processing line is suitable for all kinds of fish-based products such as fish fillet, breaded shrimp, prawn, shrimp ball, shrimp patty, squid ring, etc.


Japanese fresh breader coats the surface of the products by the bread crumbs poured out from the upper hopper and coat the bottom of the products by the special designed lower conveyor. Widely being used for meat, seafood and vegetables crumbs coating.
● Use the PU belt, avoiding the damage of the structure and pattern of the wet crumbs.
● The frequency conversion control of the speed for the upper and lower strap also for the upper belt.
● The air tube can blow off the extra crumbs. The unique blanking design.
● None broken of the crumbs.
● Apply the SIEMENS electrical parts, safe and reliable.
● With wrinkled sidewalls, the lifting belt assures less falling down and less damage to the fresh bread crumbs.
● Two rollers, press sohly first and then hard, adding the bread crumbs coating amount with less damage.
● Drum motor reduces washdown time up to 50%. Minimize downtime with no chain transmission design.
● The Germany bearing, maintenance free.
● The whole machine is made of stainless steel and nonmetal material, meet the HACCP standard.
● High standard of sealing design minimizes the loss of bread crumbs and moisture.
● Applied to all kinds of dry and fresh crumbs such as dry bread crumbs, panko crumbs and shredded coconut.
● To meet different coating requirements, the coating ratio can be easily and accurately adjusted like 30%, 40%,50%, 60%.
● The soft and hard roller can help the coating effect like home-made taste. PU belt can minimize damage ratio of bread crumb.
● Drum motor design can make sure the stable operation for a long time and reducing the failure rate.
● Easy to clean, High Sanitation, Long shelf time. Labor saving, High capacity and efficiency.


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