Farci Fish Ball Machine

Product Introduction

● The latest generation of smart core technology
● Simple and quick operation.
● Are formed into a circle.
● Product specifications adjustable from 35-50mm Diameter balls (10-50 grain per half kilo).
● The broken rate are low and the large shell can be made
● Has a capacity of up to G000~12000 balls per hour.

Technical Parameter

Model MSPR-110 MSPR-110B
Material 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel
Voltage/Frequency 380V / 50Hz 380V / 50Hz
Power 1.1 Kw 1.1 Kw
Weight 240 Kg 240 Kg
Capacity 100 ball/min 180 ball/min
Mould Specifications Փ 26 ~ Փ 28 ~ Փ 30mm Փ 26 ~ Փ 28 ~ Փ 30mm
Outline L800 x W680 x H1750mm L800 x WG80 x H1750mm



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