Energy Saving Automatic Feeding Washing Drying Line

Single-layers high energy efficiency dryer

This machine is suitable ffor drying vacuum bagged food, such as marinated eggs, chicken feet, small taiwan roasted sausage, marinated pig feet, stewed chicken leg, roasted chicken, sandwich ham and other kinds of food which is in bags and plastic packaging. This machine adopts advanced structure design, the products is dried evenly, the product will not be damaged by falling, the drying time is short with high efficiency and energy saving.


Technical Parameters
New generation drying machine
Model Capacity Overall Dimension Main unit power Refrigerating unit power Steam Consumption
MSPR-10 1.0 T/h L8000xW2300xH3400mm 16 Kw 15 Kw 0.15 T/h
MSPR-20 2.0 T/h L1200xW2500xH3400mm 27 Kw 30 Kw 0.25 T/h
MSPR-30 6.0 T/h L1200xW2900xH3400mm 48 Kw 43 Kw 0.3 T/h
MSPR-60 6.0 T/h L1200xW5000xH3400mm 96 Kw 86 Kw 0.5 T/h
(Non-standard Model customized according to costumer requirement)
Automatic constant temperature bubble cleaning machine
Capacity Heating temperature Steam consumption Main body material Total power Overall dimension
Maximum 3T/h, adjustable 30°C-50°C Automatic constant temperature 0.1-0.2 T/h SUS304 2.6 Kw L2700xW1580xH2795mm


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