Tube UHT Sterilizer

Main Technical Parameters :
Heat treatment charateristics
  1. The temperature is high, the recovery rate of heat energy can reach 90%.
  2. Corrugated heat exchange tube material temperature change is small,mild heating, High heat exchange efficiency, less scaling, continuous sterilization for a long time.
Fully automatic control
  1. The whole process of automatic control and recording equipment CIP cleaning, equipment pipeline sterilization and raw material sterilization.
  2. Sterilization temperature control is accurate and reliable. Automatic monitoring of the entire sterilization temperature of the system and steam pressure, flow,material flow and other process control points.
Production Process Material contact with the material wall polishing, automatic welding
Equipment cleaning method Automatic cleaning equipment, automatic sterilization, to ensure
system sterility
Electrical accessories The main control components: material pumps, hot water pumps,
various types of valves, control systems etc. Brand: international brands
Use security System Accessories Performance Reliability. In equipment design, pay
attention to the user’s personal safety, in the steam, hot water, materials
and other key areas with pressure protection device and alarm system.
Custom Pipe pasteurizing machine and yogurt sterilization machine can be
designed and manufactured according to user requirements.


Application :

Tubular UHT sterilization unit is designed for aseptic packaging products supporting equipment, such as: sterile paper packaging, sterile plastic fi­lm packaging, sterile PET bottle packaging, especially for liquid milk and beverage sterilization.


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