Automatic Tray Loading Packing Line

Advantages :

Applicable for packing moon cake, shredded pork waffle, cake and other regular shape objects with tray/box. Connected with former production line by automatic feeder or manual feeder.


Main function & structure characteristics :
  1. Automatic tray loading packing line includes separating conveyor, distributing conveyor, automatic feeding unit, tray separating mechanism, tray feeding mechanism and automatic packing machine. The products are separated, and then distributed and ­fixed position;at the same time, the trays are separated, aligned automatically. The products are loaded accuratelly to the tray and then conveyed to the packing machine. Deoxidier and alcohol pads can be released synchronously.
  2. Packing speed of single line can achieve to 80-160 bags/min.
  3. Power supply 220V 50Hz, total power is about 13KW as the drawing (2 lines).


Application Scope :
  1. Automatic tray-separating devices separate the trays automatically, stably and continuously, effectively realize automatic production and improve food safety. Deoxidier and alcohol pads could be realesed synchronously by automatic tray delivery machine.
  2. Stable, high speed and accurate location by the function of multi-distantiation.
  3. Dismantle the belts without tools, crumble slots are installed in the connecting places and in the bottom of the belt, easy to maintain, save time and effort.
  4. Simpli­ed structire, easy operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance, it’s easy and fast to change ­films and setting when changing products with different size.
  5. High quality electric components are adopted in control system;intelligent PLC, touch screen and wonderful HMI, make theoperation easy and intuitive.


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