Two-Channel Automatic Feeding & Packing Line

Main function & structure characteristics :
  1. Two-channel automatic feeding & packing line consists of separating conveyor, distributing conveyor, turning & collecting unit, stacking conveyor, two-channel storage conveyor, two-channel automatic feeding unit, two-channel stacking conveyor and automatic packing machine. The process is frist open products distance, divide into columns, then automatic distribute, ­finally feed the products into multiple channels (two-channels) automatic feeding unit and packing machine. The advantage is continuour production, high efficiency and beautiful packaging.
  2. Automatic tune-over device is optional. Separating conveyor can be designed according to the actual situation.
  3. Maximum packing speed of single line can reach 280 bags/min. The actual speed depends on product dimension, packaging type and the material of packaging ­film.
  4. Power supply adopts 220V 50Hz, total power is about 31KW as the drawing (4 lines).



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