MSP-S755 Automatic Four-Corner Sealing Machine

Model MSP-S755
Carton size L320-700 x W200-500×H 180-500mm
Platform height 600mm can be customized)
sealing speed 480-600 cartons/hour
Machine Dimension L1900×W1230×H1530mm
Power 220V 1 f -3 f 50-60Hz
Air compressor 6kg/cm³
Tape width W48mm、60mm xl1000 yard
Machine Weight 400kg


Product feature :
  1. The machine adopts PLC control, economical and durable,safe, low failure rate. Manually adjust the width and height of the machine according to carton specifications, suitable for the same specification carton sealing at the same time.
  2. After sealing the up and bottom tape, the L-shaped corner push, the carton move to perform the four-corner sealing and smoother operation.
  3. Seal carton is beautiful, fast, save manpower, high efficiency
  4. Equipped with blade protection device to avoid accidental injury during operation.
  5. This machine can be combined with DPA DPB DPC on line to finish 工-shape sealing.


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