Big Bag Premade

Main Features :
Model MR8-300R
Pouch Type Stand-up pouches, zipper bags, four-side sealed bags, three-side sealed bags, paper bags, etc.
Bags Size W:190-300mm L:100-300mm
Filling Volume 10-2500g (Depending on type of products)
Capacity 30-45 bag/min (Speed may very with product characterics, pouches or other operation condition)
Dimension 2450*1750*1450 (L*W*H)
Weight 1700 Kg
Compress air requirement ≥ 0.8m³ /min supply by user


Features and Characteristics :
  1. Extensive range in filling products : dried bean curd and etc.
  2. The advanced bag feeling ensures a successful bag feeding.
  3. The advanced design ensures a stable performance and a longer life of the equipment, and a lower rate of detective products.
  4. High-quality accessories ensure machine durable and stable.
  5. The machine adopts premade pouches with a complete pattern, a high-quality sealing, resulting in improved product quality nad grades.
  6. The machine adopts advanced PLC and PDOD (touch screen) electrical contol system, with friendly Man-machine interface, easy to operate
Application :

All types of materials: puff­ed food, candy, pickle, seasoning, pesticide and fertilizer, dried bean curd (solid, liquid, thick liquid, powders, grains).


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