Semi Auto Filling and Packing Machine MSP-Z25

Technological parameters :
  • Filling Weight : 10-5000g
  • Dosing way : Auger filling with instant weight feedback
  • Weighing Range : 1-6000g (with a resolution of 1g)
  • Packaging Accuracy : < ± 0.3-1% (According to packing weight and product specs)
  • Packaging Speed : 15-30 cans per minute
  • Power Supply/Total Power : 380/220V 50-60Hz/2Kw
  • Use Tolerance/Air Pressure : 0.2m3 / min / 6-8Kg/cm2
  • Total Weight : 450 Kg
  • Overall Dimensions : 2500 x 1245 x 2300mm
  • Container Size : Cylindrical containners with a diameter of 50-180mm and a height of 50-350mm


Brief Intruction :

The packing machine includes weighing, sealing, filling and some other functions. Design for the grain material’s packaging. Suitable for many kinds of grain material’s packaging.


Main Features :
  1. The machine use valve and vibrating chute for filling. Keep a high packaging accuracy.
  2. If the working place is dusty. We can deploy industrial vacuum cleaners for you.
  3. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. The design is partical and beautiful.
  4. The key equipments is all us famous brands. So it with high accuracy and high speed.
  5. The machine even can be customized for you.


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