Semi Auto Filling and Packing Machine || B

Technological parameters : 
  • Filling Weight : 10-500 Kg
  • Dosing Way : Auger filling with instant weight feedback
  • Weighing Range : 1-6000g (with a resolution of 1g)
  • Packaging Accuracy : (According to packing weight and product specs)
  • Pakaging Speed : 15-30 cans per minute
  • Power supply/Total Power : 380/220V 50-60Hz/2Kw
  • Use Tolerance/Air Pressure : 0.2m³ /min / 6-8 Kg/cm²
  • Total Weight : 450 Kg
  • Overall Dimensions : 2500 x 1245 x 2300mm
  • Container Size : Cylinder conntainers with a diameter of 50-180mm and a height of 50-350mm


Brief Intruction :

This automatic canned filling and packaging machine was designed for automatic can feeding, weighing, filling, feedback and failed packs inspect & reject. The machine is suitable for packaging powdery & grainly product for instance, milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, icing sugar, dextrose, feed, coffee, solid mdicament, powder & grainy additive, dye, etc.


Main Features :
  1. Chinese/English touch screen and HMI, PLC control system, auger is drived by servo motor.
  2. Equipped with automatic can/bottle feeding system, implement the functions of ni-can-no-filling.
  3. Open-door hopper, a frame type machine be designed the humanization to easily wash. Reasonable mechanical structure, easy to change size parts and clean up.
  4. The functions of over-weight warning, error message display and failed packs inspecting & rejecting, which never let any rejet to pass through, ensure the packing quality
  5. Have the functions of can support, vibration and dust extraction.


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