Automatic Teabag Packing Machine (with tag & paper outer bag) MSP-TB18


  • Sealing type : Three letters
  • Measurement range : 1-15g/bag (special specifcations can be separately)
  • Inside the bag dimensions : length 50-75mm ; wide 50-75mm (special specifications can be separately)
  • Outer bag dimensions : length 85-120mm ; wide 75-95mm (special specifications can be separately)
  • Label Size : 25×25 (L*W) (special specifications can be separetely)
  • Input Power : 220V / 50Hz single phase
  • Total Power : 3.7 Kw
  • Heater : longitudinal sealing heating tube (inside) 110V 350W 2pcs
    The horizontal sealing heating tube (inside) 110V 350W 2 pcs


ZT-18 Automatic Teabag Packaging Machine is a kind of machine used for packing tea seeds, medical, health-care and tea industries granular shaped in


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