Vertical Packing Machine With Multi-Heads Weigher

Descriptions :
  1. Fully automatically complete all the process from feeding, weighing, filling, packaging, sealing date printing and counting.
  2. Use the SIEMENS/DELTA PLC control system and touch screen, the operation is more stable & easy adjustment.
  3. Work enviroment quiet, low noise, saving energy.
  4. English and client native language touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation.
  5. Servo film transporting system and color sensor, positioning accuracy, high performance, packaging beautiful.
  6. Multiple automatic alarm protection, reducing the maximum loss.
  7. It can stock ten dispose, simple to change variety.
  8. Film-pulling with servo motor double belt; less pulling resistence, bag is formed in good shape with better appearance, belt is resistent to be wom-out.


Machine unit composition Essential:
  1. Main machine
  2. 10 heads weigher
  3. Z type material elevator
  4. Vibration feeder
  5. Support Platform
Options :
  1. Product conveyor
  2. Turn table
  3. Nitrogen flushing device
  4. Hole punch device (round hole/euro)
  5. PE sealing system
  6. Gusseted device


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