Fully-Automatic Compound Potato Chips Production Line

Full automatic compound potato chips production line which absorbing 3uropean and American technology and our company take many years to develop and research this line independently. The equipment using potato powder raw material, through mixing, pressing, forming, frying and flavoring and finally you can produce high-grade delicious compound potato chips.


The potato chips equipment use 304 stainless steel material and electric parts is imported, thus the line can have long and stable running. This machine with high automation and the price is much cheaper than the European machine. But the quality is near to the European level. The flavor of the potato chips can be different. So the market of the potato chips is huge and can get a high profit !

Production Capacity 250 Kg/h 500 Kg/h
Installed Power 130 Kw 150 Kw
Fuel Consumption 25 Kg/h 35 Kg/h
Gas Consumption 25-30 m3/h 40-50 m3/h
Equipment Length 30 m 40 m


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