Wafer Cream Spreading Machine

Material and Parameters

Frame: GB steel
Metal plate: 304 stainlees steel
Conveyor: PU Belt (Ammeraal Beltech)
Motor & reducer: SEW
Cylinder: Festo
Converter: Danfoss
Control panel: Mitsubishi
Diamension: 2485 x 1200 x 1730 (mm)
Total power: 2.92 kw


This machine is used for water cream spreading, the equipment is suitable for a variety of materials (such as cream, chocolate, cheese sauce). Cream roller smears cream evenly on the wafer surface. Cream thickness could be adjustable and cream hopper has a heating device. Keeping the cream temperature (2-3 creaming heads could be chosen as per client’s demand).
1. Cylinder lihing conveyor belt.
2. Cream roller with heating device.
3. Rotating laminated structure, can stack from 2-8 layers.
4. The system is equipped with heating over temperature alarm and fault alarm.
5. PLC Automatic control program.
6. HMI Man-machine dialogue interface and easy operation.
7. Spreading speed: 45 pcs/min.


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