Bottle Shape Chocolate


MSPR260 is specially designed for packaging bottle-shaped chocolates and filled chocolates. Using aluminum foil wrapping, the wrapping paper tightly wraps the chocolate to make the shape of the chocolate more obvious, the shape is realistic, and it will not affect the taste of chocolate. This machine can pac k two bottle-shaped chocolates of different sizes, which can be realized only by changing some tools. The operation is simple and stable, and the maintenance is easy.


Depending on the product capacity, it can be combined with SL-SBMT manual operation platform.

Technical Features

• Adopt PLC & program sohware , easy operating and setting.
• Wrapped tightly to ensure a realistic product appearance.
• With abnormal protection device.


Main Data
Capacity: 180-260 pcs/min

Size Range
Height: 15-30mm
Diameter: 10-35mm

Total Power
380V, 50Hz, 3P
Wrapping Paper
Aluminium Foil Paper


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