Double Twisting

Main Data
Capacity: 200-260 pcs/min

Size Range
Height: 15-30mm
Diameter: 10-35mm

Total Power
380V, 50Hz, 3P

Wrapping Paper



SL-SBSN450 is an excellent forming, wrapping machine for chocolate, hard candy, toffee, milk candy and caramel products. MSPRM50 has several functions,including double-twisting and side-twisting wrapping,suitable for packing a variety of products such as round, square and irregular shapes.

Depending on the product capacity, it can be combined with MSPR500 fully automatic conveyor machine, MSPR manual operation platform for semi-auto.

Technical Features
• Servo motor controlled wrapping paper feeding.
• The photoelectric sensor detects the color mark to locate the packaging logo.
• PLC controlled with touch screen operation to solve the machine warning failure.
• Hot gluing system.
• Easy and fast mold change.


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