MSPR-II Starch Mogul Line

Production Capacity (Kg) 8000 (Depends on the shape of candy)
Power Consumption (Kw) 252 (Depends on the machine type)
Steam Consumption (Kg/h) 1200
Steam Pressure (Mpa) 0.8
Compressed Air Consumption (m3/min) 7
Air Pressure (Mpa) 0.8
Vacuum Water Consumption (m3/h) 2
Weight (Kg) 30000


Purpose and Characteristic

MSPR-II mogul plant especially producing gummy candies. With high quality, easy operation, working reliable, with high output. The whole plant include kitchen system, mogul plant, starch condition- ing system, starch collecting and recycle system, product finishing and ancillary machinery. The plant suits for producing gelatin base candies, foamed candies and so on. What ever your production requirements, has the right solution. We offer different types of depositors to meet to your needs for flexibility and speed, We offer the depositing type with swing, one shot, servo driven for centre filled gummies and stripe gummies.

Servo Depositing System

The depositor controlled by the motion controller, operation is very easy. our machine is modular in design, so the customer can add the depositor according to the product requirement. the standard configuration is one shot depositor, and one normal depositor (can make second layer).


Depositing Pump Body

Pump casting is made from hard copper alloy, wear-resisting and corrosion-resistent. Its dimensional is ensured by CNC machining center. There are many models to choose from. The piston diameter is ranging from 9 to 20mm, with 720 pieces pistons, there is also pump casting with filling, and holes on it are arranged in a reasonable way, meeting customers demands for diversity.


Distribute Board

Molding is made according to customer’s requirement is designed by engineers to yield the best effects. Molding is die cast with copper alloy, with its surface sprayed with anti sticking no powder, the molding frame is easy and convenient to be disassembled.


Capacity (Kg) 150-600 (As per 6g candy)
Power (Kw) 15-30
Compressed Air Consumption (m3/min) 0.5
Air Pressure (Mpa) 0.4-0.6
Steam Consumption (Kg/h) 450
Pressure of Steam (Mpa) <0.7
Water Consumption (L/h) 2000
Dimensions (mm) 30000 x 2000 x 2500
Weight of Machine (Kg) 50000


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