Powerful Airflow System QLS-III

Technical parameter
Power 5.51kW
Overall dimension 1200x1000x1880mm


It will suck the dust automatically from the preduster to the airflow system by negative pressure. Through cyclone separator, It can separate the air and dust which will be collected at same time. The air flow system will blow the clean air to air blade and make sure no dust leaking and pollution when do the flour coating. It can connect the preduster and drum breader for use.
● Air volume increases to 34000m³/h and make sure the effective dust sucking.
● Make sure the air volume meets the production requirement, avoid product defects caused by insufficient blowing.
● The collected dust is recycle.
● Disassembled blower, easy to clean and high sanitation.
● Adopting SUS 304 stainless steel and non metal material, HACCP approved.


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