The Full Automatic Cup Cake & Pie Cake Machinery


Dimensions: The machine Length: 9m, Width: 1m, Height: 160cm.

Output: 2000-3000 pcs/h (depends on number of rotary ovens for semi automatic line & in full automatic line it depends on the length of tunnel oven).

Full Automatic Combined Line for Producing Cake and Center Filled Cookies:

Designed and manufactured a new multi functional system which is capable of producing a wide range of cookie, Cupcakes (marbel cakes), Cucake with filling, furthermore the new system is able to produce Tartlet with fruit marmalade filling.
This line is operated by connecting to tunnel oven, as an automatic line or using rotarty oven as a semi automatic line.


Primary Materials and Dough Depositors:

This process includes premixer machine to mix primary ingredients of the dough and the prepared dough is pumped and transferred to the preserving tank in the turbo mixer machine. The preserving tank is double jacket with cold water circula- tion system, the dough temperature can be kept at the desired level.
The dough in the turbo mixer storage tank passes through a filter by pump the next stage is to homogenize and aerate the dough, Finally, the dough depositor machine directs the dough on the belt desire weight.
● All the commands on producing cup cakes area received by the P.L.C control system.
● Homogenizer: is used to increase product’s final quality in terms of dough texture, volume and finally quality.
● To enhance higher production output, tunnel ovens are designed to bake the cupcakes in which the belt width is 1.2 to 2,5m and baking length is 12m to 36m.
● Output: 10000-40000 pcs/h this depends on tunnel oven length.


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