Fish Ball

  • Technical Parameter

    Machine name Feed Pump
    Model MSPR-2000
    Voltage Frequency 380V / 50Hz
    Power 5.5 Kw
    Frequency converter 7 Kw
    Hopper Volume 800L
    Maximum flow 2000 Kg/h
    Weight 680 Kg
    Outline dimension L2400 x W1000 x H1300mm

    Technical Parameter

    Device name Vertical hoist
    Product Model MSPR-2000
    Voltage Frequency 380V / 50Hz
    Power 3 Kw
    Lifting ability 300 Kg
    Lifting speed 34/min
    Lifting height 1.9 M
    Weight 400 Kg
    Outline dimension L1400 x W1850 x H2700mm
  • No matter meat, seafood, poultry or vegetable, the processing line can fulfill the processing procedure of forming, predusting, battering, breading etc. And the equipment has the access to connect the fryer, cooker, instant freezer and packing machine to complete a full automatic processing line for producing various of popular foodstuffs with fairly high added value
  • Updating the system comprehensively:
    ● MSPR260 automatic multi forming machine has same perfect forming performance with MSPRG00 which combining humanized design concept to realize flexibility, stability and efficiency. ● The cost effective feature is especially suitable for medium and small factories. It is also a perfect choice for medium-scale testing in large factories. MSPR260 can provide accurate parameter reference for mass production. ● Germany SIEMENS PLC control system can guarantee stable weight control and less downtime. ● Precise hydraulic control system ensures the accuracy of each filling and weight control. ● Screw feeding system can give accurate step feeding, avoid extrusion damage of raw material and maintain the taste of the product. ● The precise mould control system and high-speed hydraulic drive ensure high output and uniform product weight. Multi moulds are available with easy changes. ● Stainless steel made and food grade non-metal material, safe and reliable, HACCP standard.
  • Updating the system comprehensively:
    MSPR600-IV, MSPR400-II Automatic Multi Forming machine can automatically perform various procedures such as meat filling, forming and outputting, and combine a fully automatic prepared food line when connecting with the batter, preduster, fryer, cooker, instant freezer and packing machine. It adopts the method of four-screw feeding system, greatly reduces the cutting of the material, and has better features of high production capacity and stable quality. Easy and convenient replacement of food and the accurate portion control realize the cost control of the production. Widely handles in the forming procedure of meat, poultry, fish, shrimp and the potato, tuber crops. And it can be applied in the fields of all kind of minced/sliced products for premier meat texture taste. 3lectric apparatus parts: Using original Germany SIEMENS PLC processor with touch screen operation, Chinese/English operating system and automatic failure alarm system. Safe device: Magnetic protection switch (safe cover). Hydraulic parts: Adopting the VICKERS, STAUFF, PARKER, INTEGRATED HYDRAULICS original parts to guarantee the stable running of the whole machine. Pneumatically system: Adopting the completely Germany FESTO original system. Stainless steel made and food grade non-metal material, safe and reliable, in conformity with the standard of HACCP, and got the CE authorization.
  • Updating the system comprehensively:
    1. It can be suitable for metal forming plates. 2. The protective grade for the electric apparatus parts reach to IP67. 3. The speed increases to 70 strokes /min. 4. Weight error margin ≤1%. 5. New user interface. 6. To avoid the operation mistake ,with high safe guarantee.
  • MSPR Automatic pouring machine is an automation equipment in the food industry, it was designed for sterillization pallet automatic rollover, while working, put the full sterilization pallets on full pallets station, put the trolley on the empty pallets station, then close the protective door, pressing the pneumatic button, as per the scheduled program the full sterilization pallets will be raised and the sterilization pallet will be taken for pouring the material one by one, the empty sterilization pallet will be collected and stacked on the trolley automatically, when all the full pallets become empty pallets, the equipment will be send a signal, the worker could remove the trolley, repeat the cycle to continue the process. ● Automatic pouring, save the labor cost. ● Hygienic design, main unit was made by 304 stainless steel. ● Automatic operation, stable and reliable. ● Adopt domestic famous brand helical gear motor with hard tooth surface, ultra-long life, low-energy consumption.
  • Technical parameter
    Model MSPR400-VI MSPR600-VI
    Speed of the belt 3-15m/min adjustable
    Input height 1000mm
    Output height 1050±50mm
    Power 3.35kW
    Width of the belt 400mm 600mm
    Overall dimension 4342x1474x1940mm 4342x1674x1940mm
    New Automatic Japanese Fresh Breadcrumb Coating Processing Line
    New automatic Japanese fresh breadcrumb coating processing line is suitable for all kinds of fish-based products such as fish fillet, breaded shrimp, prawn, shrimp ball, shrimp patty, squid ring, etc.
  • He product is evenly transported into the three drums through the flour bed and dropped together with the flour. After being turned over and mixed in the drum, it is evenly dropped onto the conveyor belt for output. It is suitable for bone-in and boneless products. The machine is designed for the chicken popcorn of the pre-dusting and final coating process, which has the obvious scaly food surface. ● Production capacity more than 2000kg/hour (for chicken popcorn). ● Coating speed and angle can be adjusted, the lower layer of the flour thickness can be manually adjusted. ● Equipped with the vibration output device, to make even of the output products and take off the extra coating flour. The output belt transport products to the standar height. (1000mm±100mm). ● All the electrical parts are water proof, split structure, easy to clean, less leakage of the dust, and prevent the environment pollution. ● Lift conveyor belt transport the flour to the flour bed (optional) to improve efficiency and reduce the labor. ● Stainless steel made and portion non-metal material, safe and reliable, HACCP standard. Button control system and simple English operation interface.
  • Technical parameter
    Model MSPR600-VII
    Speed of the belt 3-15m/min adjustable
    Input height 1050±50mm
    Output height 1050±50mm
    Power 3.5kW
    Width of the belt 600mm
    Overall dimension 3870x1270x2346mm
  • Technical parameter
    Model MSPR-III
    Power 5.51kW
    Overall dimension 1200x1000x1880mm
  • Preduster (flouring machine) is specially designed for coating food processing, it coats the bottom of the products by the layer of the flour on the conveyor belt, it coats the surface of the products by the unique belt pouring the flour evenly to the passing products on the belt. This can ensure the coating evenly, equally, and the coating quantity is controlled. Using the air flow system which is easily to connect to the preduster, it can collect the flour generated from the falling of the flour inside and recycle it, separate the air and the flour, suck the clean air onto the products to blow off the extra flour.
  • The highest running speed 160-200 pcs/min
    Maximum filling quality 300 g
    Product length range L 90-250 mm
    Maximum power 7 Kw
    Overall dimension L 810 x W 1120 x H 2200
  • The highest running speed 240 pcs/min
    Maximum filling quality 100 g
    Product lenghth range L 100-220 mm
    Maximum power 10 Kw
    Overall dimension L 1400 x W 1120 x H2200
  • Technical Parameter

    Machine name Multilayer air-cooled line Lifting machine
    Model MSPR-800 MSPR-800
    Voltage Frequency 380V / 50Hz 380V / 50Hz
    Power 2.2 Kw x 2
    Effective Width 800 mm 800 mm
    Weight 2000 Kg 400 Kg
    Outline dimension L6000 x W1200 x H2380mm L2100 x W1100 x H2300mm
  • Low Temperature Cooking Tank

    The pre boiling tank is also called the gel forming groove, which belongs to the low temperature tank and plays the role of gel forming. The water in the water tank is heated by the steam of the steam pipe, and the temperature control system. The temperature of the pre boiling tank is set between 75 & 70 degrees. Water tank through the hot water circulating pump formation water, make the product into the water, and then began to pre cook groove end flow, a flow through the control valve to control water flow to control with flow velocity, combination is arranged in a groove of the whole conveyor chain, suitable for the production of various kinds of sinking to the network chain of aquatic products, and according to the process make meatballs reach the ideal state of shaping.

    High Temperature Cooking Tank

    High temperature cooking tank, which will play a role in the cooking of the product. The electromagnetic valve to control the steam flow and from an automatic temper- ature control system. Usually the temperature of the cooking tank is set between 95 and 90 degree. Water tank through the hot water circulating pump formation water, make the product into the water, and then began to the groove of the end of the flow, the flow through the control valve to control water flow to control with flow velocity, binding groove is arranged in the rotary dial plate uniform will be cooked float finishing moving to transport network chain is transferred to cooling tank for cooling. In order to prevent the steam from distributing, the steam hood has the function of steam exhaust.


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